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    Face à la mer, le charme de l'ancien pour cette maison comprenant séjour avec cheminée, salle à manger, cuisine, trois chambres, salle d'eau avec WC, ...

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    La flotte proche centre, terrain de plus de 3400 m2 clos de murs en zone UB avec une maison comprenant cuisine ouverte sur salle à ...

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    Quartier résidentiel et calme pour cette maison de standing comprenant entrée sur séjour, cuisine ouverte donnant sur la salle à manger, cellier, salle d'eau, WC, ...

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    Face mer appartement de plain-pied en bon état comprenant séjour cuisine, wc, salle de bains, une chambre, dégagements avec placards. Jardinet sur l'avant et sur ...

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    Saint Martin De Ré intra-muros et au calme un ensemble immoblier du 18ème,  actuellement composé de deux logements et un grand local avec mezzanine pour ...

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French notary as family advisors


Your French notary is there to help you during every major event in your life.

Our work is not limited to dealing after the fact with the financial consequences of family events such as divorce, death or a disabling accident. We are are also advisors whom families may consult at any time to prepare for the transfer of property or to change the structure of an estate, in accordance with their current and future needs (housing, retirement pension supplement).

Our expertise in family law will ensure your security and that of your estate, preserving your family harmony in the process. 

Marriage - Change of marriage settlement

We draw up pre-nuptial agreements, in order to establish the rules that apply between the spouses, both during the marriage and afterwards, in the event of separation, divorce or death.

When a French national marries someone from a different country, or when two French citizens marry abroad – or even decide to live abroad after marriage – there are significant legal consequences. Each of these cases can be described as an international marriage, and each may be subject to conflict between different legal systems. Unless you have made arrangements beforehand, you will automatically be subject to certain legal regulations in force in your own country or another country. You may not know which law governs your marriage. A pre-nuptial agreement offers a good way to protect yourself against uncertainty and unpleasant surprises. Consult your notaire if you think you'll be confronting issues of international law either now or in the future.


We can also help you with modifying or changing your marital regime during the course of the marriage.

Civil solidarity pact

The civil solidarity pact (pacte civil de solidarité, or PACS) is a contract between two people, of the same or different sex, that provides a formal structure for their life together.

Ask us to assess your personal circumstances and assets in order to choose the solution that's best suited to your wishes.


A will is a written document that allows an adult to make decisions and express certain wishes to be observed when he or she dies. As always, your French notary is at your service to draft (or help you write) and safeguard your will.

We will guide you towards the format that is best suited to your circumstances and concerns, to ensure that your wishes are respected.

Inheritance - Settlement of the estate

After the death of a close relative, you can count on our support when you need to resolve the legal and tax issues posed by the transfer of an estate. What problems need to be settled? What are the formalities to be observed? What should you do and, even more important, what should you not do? There are four major steps involved in settling an estate. 

We begin by preparing a list of those who will be inheriting the estate and their respective rights.

We then prepare a complete appraisal of the deceased's estate, listing assets (bank accounts, securities, personal property, real property) and their value along with any liabilities.

Once these two steps have been completed, we perform a number of tax- and mortgage-related formalities : preparing a certificate of appraisal for any immovables and submitting this certificate to the mortgage registry ; drafting an official declaration of estate and paying estate taxes to the tax authorities within six months of the estateholder's death.

The fourth step is optional and consist in the actual division of assets. Indeed, after considering the possible rights of the surviving spouse, the heirs may decide wether or not to divise the assets.

Inheritance - European nationals rules

Get informations here concerning Inheritance european nationals rules